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My Story

This is where you see whether we could be a great match.

I've learnt my skills in leadership, strategic planning, sales, brand strategy and community building over the past decade growing my own businesses. With no outside investment, I've achieved success in the business world and now build my workstyle around my lifestyle. I believe in practical solutions and real-world experiences and I want to support you in achieving the same. What's your goal?

Who am I?

I'm Jack.  I've built successful businesses from the ground up from a design, visualisation & marketing agency, offering design & digital marketing globally; An online 3D visualisation training academy for art students and professionals worldwide; and CoWorking Devon, a pride and joy of mine, building a local CoWorking space that promotes community and business support to all members. 

The Packages

I support your journey to success and flexibility through various entry points. From laying the foundations with my Startup Business Package to growing your digital presence with a new WIX website, planning your next event or service launch strategy and working closely on a weekly consultative basis. I’m here to support you to thrive in your industry.

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My vision

My vision is to see a world where every person running a small business has the tools, support, and opportunity to thrive, without huge investment whilst enjoying family life and focussing on what you do best.


Through guidance and better optimisation, I aim to support entrepreneurs like you to build a brand identity and growth strategy, making a lasting impact for you and your business within your industry and community.

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i want freedom for the future. Do you?

Business growth to me is important. But life is more so.


By building passive income streams and streamlining operational processes, it’s allowed me to spend more time on life, family & future. I LOVE business, it really is my passion, and to be able to support others achieve the same, is hugely rewarding for me.


I want to help business owners like you build a healthy relationship with your time that provides ongoing benefits to your every-day life.

Let’s implement this early so you're working smart, not hard.

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My mission

My mission is to support you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to succeed.

Im a big believer in well designed processes, optimisation and automation efficiency - and placing these in early.

By providing practical solutions, honest chat, and ongoing support, I help businesses like yours navigate difficulties dealing with the 'tech' side of your business.

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