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Helping you make the right decision.

I've got your back every step of the way. These business support packages are designed to guide you through the process of building your business and getting your offering out there, now. From setting up your growth road map to establishing your online presence with designing and building your WIX website and promoting your offering through strategy, I'm here to make it less complicated. Do you have the right audience?

Breathe a sign of relief, I've got you.

If we can address these stages, you'll be well on your way to achieving the minimum viable product you need before going public.

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Stage One- Startup

Brand Identity 

An important process for anyone looking to build something for the long-term. What do you want from your business? Financial stability? Work-life balance? Transferable knowledge? This all starts with the basics and isn't a corner we can cut without paying for it later.

01 - Vision and Mission

Discovery | Vision | Mission | Core Values

02 - Market Research

Target Audience | Market Trends | Competitive Analysis | Buyer Persona

03 - Brand workshop & press kit

UVP | USP | Boilerplate | One-liner | Founder Bio

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stage two - Digital

Online presence

We can now start to formulate the brand and build the digital presence of your business. Getting in front of your online audience, building a smooth and user-friendly client journey. With WIX Studio, we can manage everything from web, blog, newsletter, courses, events & bookings.

01 - Wix website

Design & Build | 5-page | Key Messages | Client Journey | Lead Gen

02 - SEO support

Page Optimisation | Meta tags | Titles | Indexing | Keyword Research

03 - Google business

Online business information | Google Reviews | Location Targeting | Verified


stage three - Promote

Prepare to launch

OK, so now we have the foundations and the digital online presence in the bag. Next, you may be looking to launch a certain service, event or workshop and need a well-thought-out road map to promote with.

01 - Event consultation

Discuss | Target Audience | Outputs | Logistics

02 - 6-week Strategy

Road Map | Timeline | Responsibility | Data collection

03 - Promotional material

Social Graphics | Listing | Key messages

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stage four - Consultancy

Ongoing support

You now have a well established business that is most likely needing extra support with more technical aspects of the growth. Whether generating ideas for better optimisation or building more automations into your client journey, I can support you in that.

01 - Monthly retainer

1hr per week | Assistance | Write-up

02 - Discussion & support

Strategy | Challenges | Opportunities

03 - Maintenence

Website updates | Addressing issues

view of the woods by wales river

Case Studys

A collection of short case studies highlighting the business type, the challenges those businesses encountered and the outcome.

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The Myrrhmaid

The Myrrhmaid, founded by entrepreneur Karin, focuses on holistic products and services, promoting wellness and natural health solutions. We collaborated closely with Karin to develop a growth strategy and a new website that effectively showcases The Myrrhmaid's offerings. Providing guidance on service and package design, we ensured alignment with her audience's interests. 


Karin needed support with developing a comprehensive growth strategy and enhancing her online presence. She required a website and an effective event launch strategy. Additionally, she sought to establish a strong brand identity and needed ongoing consultancy to manage these aspects which needed both strategic guidance and hands-on implementation.


Built a robust growth strategy and crafted a new website to boost her online presence. I also built an event launch strategy to promote her offerings effectively. By establishing a brand identity and providing ongoing consultancy, I ensured her brand remained strong and consistent. The hands-on support and implementation of the project work allowed Karin to focus on her core business activities.

Teign Valley experiences

Teign Valley Experiences offers land hire for outdoor adventures, catering to individuals and groups seeking unique outdoor experiences. Founded by Lexy, the business aims to provide memorable adventures in the picturesque Teign Valley region.


Lexy needed a well-structured website to appeal to her audience and streamline the enquiry process for potential clients. She required guidance on service/package design, booking structure, and website layout to ensure a seamless user experience and efficient lead generation.


We collaborated with Lexy to design and develop a user-friendly website that effectively showcased Teign Valley Experiences' offerings. We provided guidance on service and package design, ensuring they aligned with her target audience's interests. Additionally, we implemented a robust CTA system to capture new client leads and streamlined the enquiry process.

Devon Well House

Devon Well House, run by Liz Reddish, is a wellness center specialising in Kinesiology and Touch for Health instruction. Liz is dedicated to helping clients achieve better health and well-being through personalised care and holistic techniques.


Liz faced several challenges: a limited digital presence, inefficient client management processes, and an outdated website that did not reflect the quality of her services. She also lacked a streamlined booking system for workshops and events.


We conducted a business audit and designed a new website on Wix Studio to enhance her online presence. We implemented a bookings and events platform, automated her client pipeline with email notifications, and restructured her service offerings and pricing. 

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