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A new website for an Interior Designer

A new website for an Interior Designer

Client Case Study: Designs Unlimited

Client: Jo Willcocks, Interior Designer

sccreenshot of jos new homepage


Jo Willcocks is a talented interior designer with over 25 years of experience. Her previous website, built on WordPress nearly a decade ago, was becoming outdated with the times and difficult to manage. The site was not working visually and also lacked the functionality of managing her marketing and client CRM on the same platform. Jo needed a new, modern website that not only looked great but also streamlined her processes and saved her time. That’s where I came in, with a mission to transform her digital presence and make her business operations smoother - but considerably less overwhelming!


A new website for an Interior Designer. The primary aim was to deliver a solution that addressed Jo's key pain points. We needed to create a website that not only had a fresh and modern design but also integrated functionality to make Jo’s life easier. This included improving SEO to increase visibility, implementing automated processes to save time on lead management, and providing a user-friendly platform that Jo could easily manage without needing extensive technical skills. Just getting the basic SEO set up on any new website is super important and should never be something then additionally added by your designer with further costs or left blank for someone else to do - chances are, it wont ever get done. I see so many websites that have been built with absolutely no SEO. It's not on.

  • Create a Fresh and Modern Design: Reflect the current brand of Designs Unlimited.

  • Improve SEO: Increase visibility and attract the right clients.

  • Implement Automated Processes: Save time on lead management.

  • User-Friendly Platform: Ensure Jo can manage it with minimal technical skills.

MIRO mind map of website

Challenges Faced

Jo's old WordPress website presented several challenges that needed to be addressed to achieve our objectives. several years later and the outdated design and technology were now not just aesthetic issues; they also posed potential security risks and required various updates and TLC. Jo found herself overwhelmed with the technical aspects of managing her website on her own when needing to do small tweaks, from hosting and URL management to access control and logins and this naturally left her frustrated and stuck with a stagnant website.

  • Outdated Design and Technology: The site, several years on was now outdated and had potential security issues.

  • Overwhelming Management: Jo struggled with hosting, URL management, access control, and logins.

  • Support: Jo doesnt have the time to be learning how to run a wordpress site. Leading to stagnation and frustration.

Solutions Implemented

To tackle these challenges, I implemented a series of strategic solutions designed to rejuvenate Jo’s online presence and streamline her business processes. The cornerstone of our approach was choosing Wix, a platform known for its user-friendliness and powerful features. I designed a visually appealing and functional website that matched Jo’s brand and needs. Automated features were integrated to handle tasks such as sign-up forms, client management, and response automation, significantly reducing Jo’s administrative burden. Additionally, I'll provide training and support to ensure Jo can confidently manage her new site - and when she cant, then I can help do it with her.

  • Modern Design: Created a fresh, visually appealing website that aligns with Jo’s brand.

  • Streamlined Management: Chose Wix for its ease of use, centralising hosting, URL management, and access controls.

  • Automation: Added features like sign-up boxes, a CRM system, and automated responses to save Jo time.

  • Collaborative Platform: Enabled collaborative editing so Jo can make minor updates easily.

  • Training and Support: Provided training sessions and ongoing support to ensure Jo felt confident in using the new site.


The implementation of the new website was a carefully planned process that spanned a few months. We use MIRO to mind map our website structure and off we went. I broke it down into manageable phases to ensure every aspect of Jo’s requirements was addressed effectively. Starting with a detailed understanding of her needs, I moved through design and build phases, incorporated feedback, and provided thorough training to ensure a smooth transition.

menu bar pop out from website

Project Timeline

  1. Getting Started

  • Our journey began with a friendly and thorough conversation with Jo to understand her needs and goals. This was followed by developing a clear and detailed project plan.

  • We established the scope of the project and set realistic timelines to ensure Jo’s expectations were met.

  1. Design and Build

  • In this phase, the focus was on creating a modern and appealing look for the website. We chose colours, fonts, and layouts that matched Jo’s style and the essence of Designs Unlimited.

  • The site was built using Wix, which is known for its ease of use and flexibility. Key features we added included sign-up boxes, a client management system, and automated responses to streamline client interactions.

  • We ensured that the website was fully responsive, meaning it looked great and worked well on both computers and mobile devices.

  1. Training and Support

  • Provided Jo with hands-on training, showing her how to use the new website, make updates, and manage her clients effectively.

  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions provided, and we ensured that Jo always had support available for any questions or issues.

  1. Final Touches and Launch

  • After gathering feedback from Jo, we made the necessary tweaks and adjustments to perfect the website.

  • We thoroughly tested the site to ensure everything worked smoothly and efficiently.

  • Finally, we launched the new website and helped spread the word to Jo’s target audience through various channels.

project page layout to showcase


The results of the new Designs Unlimited website were immediate and impactful. Jo’s new online presence not only looked fantastic but also functioned in a way that made her business operations more efficient. The modern design attracted the right kind of attention, and the improved SEO practices increased her visibility online. Automation features significantly reduced Jo’s administrative workload, allowing her to focus more on her passion for interior design.

  1. Better Online Presence

  • The fresh, modern design now reflects Jo’s brand and attracts the right kind of attention from visitors.

  • The website is easy to navigate and provides a great experience whether viewed on a computer or a phone.

  1. Increased Efficiency

  • The automated sign-up boxes and client management system save Jo time and effort, allowing her to focus on her interior design work.

  • The automated responses ensure that potential clients feel valued and acknowledged right away.

  1. Improved SEO

  • With better keywords and a focus on search engine optimisation, Jo's website now reaches more people who are searching for interior design services.

  • This increase in visibility helps Jo find the right clients, leading to more targeted inquiries and business opportunities.

  1. Empowerment and Control

  • Jo now has the ability to make small updates to her website whenever she needs to, without feeling overwhelmed by technical jargon or complex processes.

  • The training and ongoing support provided have given Jo confidence in managing her digital presence.

Feel free to explore the new website here: Designs Unlimited

screenshot of Jo's website showing the new layout


The new Designs Unlimited website is more than just a fresh look—it's a powerful tool that helps Jo manage her business more efficiently and reach the right clients. By choosing Wix, we've ensured the platform is user-friendly, allowing Jo to focus on her passion for interior design without being bogged down by technical details.

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