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A new website for Kinesiology services

Updated: Jun 26

Case Study: Devon Well House

Client: Liz Reddish, Owner of Devon Well House

homepage screenshot of liz's new website

Introduction of Building a new website for Kinesiology services

Liz, the owner of Devon Well House, offers a variety of services including Kinesiology treatments, training, mentoring, and wellbeing events. These services are designed to support all aspects of health and wellbeing through training, group workshops, clinic programmes, one-on-one mentorship, and top-up support sessions. Liz’s dedication to her clients' wellbeing is evident in her comprehensive offerings, but her digital presence needed a significant upgrade to match the high quality of her services.


Building a new website for Kinesiology services. The main goal of this project was to elevate Liz’s business to the next level by enhancing her online platform. Initially, I was brought in by Alexia Recurt, the marketing consultant, to conduct an audit of the existing website and identify areas for improvement. The objectives were clear: create a better customer journey, increase efficiency by setting up key automations to manage enquiries, and improve content quality.

  • Enhance Customer Journey: Create a seamless experience for visitors from the first visit to booking a session.

  • Implement Automations: Set up systems to handle enquiries and bookings automatically.

  • Improve Content Quality: Ensure the website content clearly communicates Liz’s services and brand.

Challenges Faced

Liz’s previous website had several critical issues that needed addressing to achieve our objectives. These included an incomplete Google Business profile, lack of basic SEO, a poor customer journey, entirely manual enquiry management, and no consistent brand style or font type. Additionally, Liz worked alone and needed a solution that minimised manual administrative tasks so she could focus on her primary income-generating activities: offering classes and sessions.

  • Incomplete Google Business Profile: The online presence was not optimised for search engines.

  • Lack of Basic SEO: The website did not rank well for relevant search terms.

  • No Customer Journey: Visitors were not guided effectively through the site.

  • Manual Enquiry Management: All client interactions had to be handled manually.

  • No Brand Consistency: The website lacked a cohesive look and feel.

Solutions Implemented

To address these challenges, we implemented a series of strategic solutions that transformed Liz’s website into a powerful tool for her business. The focus was on streamlining the enquiry process and integrating automation to save time. We designed and built a comprehensive booking system that tied into her schedules for clinics, mentoring, workshops, and training sessions. This system allowed visitors to create a member account, book sessions, and receive automated confirmations and reminders, freeing up Liz’s time.

  • Streamlined Enquiry Process: Implemented automated forms and qualifying stages to manage client enquiries.

  • Integrated Booking System: Designed a booking system that syncs with Liz’s schedule, enabling seamless booking for various services.

  • Automation for Discovery Calls: Set up an online booking process for discovery calls with branded automated replies, including Zoom links and preparatory information.

  • Enhanced Customer Journey: Built a fluid customer journey that guides visitors from first visit to booking a session.

  • SEO and Brand Consistency: Optimised the website for search engines and established a consistent brand style and font type.

Implementation Timeline

The project was dynamic, involving continuous communication and adjustment as we delved into Liz’s business structure and needs. Instead of a fixed timeline, the focus was on understanding and improving existing processes, ensuring every change made was purposeful and beneficial.

  1. Getting Started

  • Conducted a thorough audit of the existing website and identified key areas for improvement.

  • Established clear objectives and set a flexible project plan to adapt as needed.

  1. Design and Build

  • Created a modern, cohesive design that reflects Liz’s brand.

  • Built the new website using Wix for its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

  1. Automations and Integrations

  • Developed a booking system and automated enquiry management processes.

  • Integrated tools for automatic responses and streamlined client interactions.

  1. Training and Support

  • Provided training sessions to ensure Liz could manage the new website and its features.

  • Offered ongoing support to address any issues and ensure smooth operation.

  1. Final Adjustments and Launch

  • Gathered feedback from Liz and made necessary adjustments.

  • Thoroughly tested the website to ensure all features worked seamlessly.

  • Launched the new website and optimised it for SEO.


The new website for Devon Well House has significantly improved Liz’s business operations. By automating administrative tasks and enhancing the customer journey, Liz now has more time to focus on her sessions and classes. The new site’s modern design and improved SEO have increased visibility, attracting more clients and facilitating better engagement.

  • Better Online Presence

  • Modern, cohesive design that reflects the brand.

  • Improved SEO resulting in higher visibility.

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Automated enquiry management and booking processes save hours each week.

  • Clients can book discovery calls and sessions online, receiving automated confirmations and reminders.

  • Empowerment and Control

  • Liz has the tools and training to manage her website confidently.

  • Streamlined processes allow Liz to focus more on her core services.


To showcase the transformation, here are some screenshots of the old Devon Well House website:

To showcase the transformation, here are some screenshots of the old Devon Well House website:

Client Testimonial

"I want to share my thoroughly positive experience that I have had working with Jack Dicker. After enlisting his support to initially improve the SEO on my existing website, we very quickly realised that a total rebuild would be the most efficient way to incorporate the upgrades I wanted to make in order to maximise my client experience.
It's been a journey...and one that has been made all the more positive by Jack's continued support, patience, understanding and a genuine willingness to truly understand my brand and my goals.
There is something really powerful about bringing someone new into your business with fresh ideas and energy for what you do. I can't wait to share my new website with the world as I am really proud of what we have created together!" - Liz, Devon Well House

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