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Streamlining Your Discovery Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Jul 9

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Introduction on Streamlining Your Discovery Calls

For new business owners, small business owners, and startups, managing discovery calls can be time-consuming and divert focus from other critical business operations. This guide will show you how to streamline your discovery calls using Wix, Google Meet (or Zoom), Fathom AI, and ChatGPT. By automating the booking process and leveraging AI for call analysis, you can save valuable time and improve efficiency - saving those delicate hours to use elsewhere.

Don't have Wix? Skip to step Four HERE.

Step 1: Connecting Google Meet or Zoom within Wix Dashboard

Integrating Google Meet or Zoom

  1. Navigate to Online Booking Settings: In the Wix dashboard, go to the settings for your Online Booking app.

  2. Select Video Conferencing Option: Choose the option to integrate a video conferencing service. You can select either Google Meet or Zoom.

  3. Authorise and Connect: Follow the instructions to authorise and connect your Google Meet or Zoom account.

Creating an Online Discovery Call Booking Service

  1. Create Your Booking Service: Set up a new booking service specifically for online free calls. Name it appropriately and provide a description that outlines what clients can expect during the call.

  2. Test the Integration: Schedule a test call to ensure that the integration works seamlessly within the Wix dashboard.


Step 2: Setting Up the Wix Inbuilt Calendar

  1. Configure Calendar Availability: Navigate to the "Booking Services" settings. Here, you can set your working hours and availability.

  2. Set Staff Work Schedule: Ensure the calendar reflects the availability of all relevant staff members, so the system only offers slots when someone is available.


Step 3: Automation and signup

Automating a "Thank You for Confirming" Message in Wix

  1. Go to Automations: In the Wix dashboard, navigate to the "Automations" section.

  2. Create a New Automation: Set up a new automation that triggers when a booking is confirmed - which is to be 'sent' to the customer.

  3. Customise the Message: Write a friendly "Thank You for Confirming" message that will be sent automatically to clients after they book a call.


Step 4: Integrating Fathom AI

Overview of Fathom AI and Its Benefits

Fathom AI is a tool that enhances your video calls by automatically taking notes, providing real-time insights, and generating analytical breakdowns of the conversations. It helps you focus on the discussion while it handles the documentation and analysis.

Connecting Fathom AI to Google Meet or Zoom

  1. Sign Up for Fathom AI: Visit the Fathom AI website and create an account.

  2. Install the Browser Extension: Download and install the Fathom AI browser extension.

  3. Connect Your Accounts: Link Fathom AI to your Google Meet or Zoom account following the provided instructions.

  4. Test the Integration: Conduct a mock call to see how Fathom AI captures and analyses the conversation.

You're ready to go. Next time you start your video call, Fathom Ai will join automatically and then send you the transcript through email once the call has ended.

use this link to sign-up - FATHOM Ai


Step 4: Conducting the Discovery Call

Preparing for the Call

  1. Set Up Your Meeting Space: Ensure your environment is professional and free of distractions.

  2. Prepare an Agenda: Outline the main points and objectives for the call to stay focused.

How Fathom AI Assists During the Call

During the call, Fathom AI will:

  • Automatically take detailed notes.

  • Highlight key points and action items.

  • Provide a summary and analytical breakdown post-call.

Focus on the conversation with your client, knowing that Fathom AI is capturing all the important details.


Step 5: Post-Call Process

Receiving and Utilising the Analytical Breakdown from Fathom AI

  1. Review the Breakdown: After the call, Fathom AI will provide a detailed summary and analysis.

  2. Identify Key Points: Highlight important insights and action items from the breakdown.

Using ChatGPT to Generate Ideas, Action Points, Agendas, and Proposals

  1. Input the Transcript: Copy the call transcript provided by Fathom AI and input it into ChatGPT.

  2. Generate Outputs: Ask ChatGPT to generate ideas, action points, agendas, and proposals based on the call's content.

  3. Save and Organise: Store these outputs in an organised manner for easy reference and follow-up.



By following this streamlined process, you can save time, enhance productivity, and focus on growing your business. From setting up a booking system to leveraging AI for call analysis, each step is designed to make your discovery calls more efficient and effective. Implement this system today and experience the benefits first-hand.


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