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A new website for an online tutor

A new website for an online tutor

Client Case Study: Teign Valley Tutoring

Client: Laura Farr, Private personal tutor

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Client Information

At Teign Valley Tutoring, Laura is passionate about bridging the gap between classroom learning and your child’s understanding. Her mission is to provide personalised, engaging, and effective tutoring, including SATs and 11+ exam preparation, to boost confidence and academic success. Together, Laura helps children reach their full potential.

Project Objectives

The main goals for this project were to streamline the booking process and lead generation whilst building a website for an online tutor. As a freelance tutor, Laura found herself spending too many hours a week on admin tasks, such as chasing contracts or following up on leads and enquiries. Since her income comes directly from tutoring sessions, the objectives were clear:

  • Automate the initial enquiry process.

  • Get people booked onto discovery calls.

  • Offer monthly subscriptions for 4x session bundles so people can book upfront, in advance.

  • Register students for weekly group sessions.

Challenges Faced

Before this project, Laura had no website. Everything was managed through Excel and Word, which posed several challenges:

  • Manual tracking of enquiries and leads.

  • Time-consuming follow-ups.

  • No streamlined process for booking and confirming sessions.

  • Inefficient management of client information and resources.

Solutions Implemented

To address these challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Set up automated discovery calls synced to Google Meet, with booking confirmations and follow-up information.

  • Created a system for monthly auto-renewal subscriptions.

  • Developed resources and better client management tools.

Implementation Timeline

The project timeline from start to finish was 3-4 weeks. This included a thorough business dissection to structure the groups, align them with Laura's availability, and ensure everything ran smoothly.


After launching the new website, the outcomes were significant:

  • Improved customer journey.

  • Easier management for Laura.

  • More time available to offer groups and earn a better income.


Here are some key design elements and features of the new website, available in desktop and mobile views:

Client Feedback

Laura shared her thoughts on the experience:

"As a new business owner, it has been reassuring to have Jack work alongside me: guiding my decisions, modelling how things are done and respectfully listening to me. Jack has put in more effort than I know to understand what I want from my business, my brand identity, and underpinning values. It has been an informative and eye-opening process for me and I couldn’t have done it without his support.
From day one, Jack used his expertise to support me and has had the utmost patience and professionalism with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and have no hesitations in recommending him to other business owners.
I can’t thank him enough for getting my business off the ground and growing every day."


Call to Action

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